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Hastily we jumped into the car and closed the doors which was as well, because when they saw us retreating, the troop surged back over the car and only disappeared when my father let out the clutch and roared forward, watching from the rear window as they loped off in search of other victims.

South African Short Stories – Story One – Thundering Smoke

When it was time to go to sleep, we returned to the barn and dossed down on some hay for the night. After about an hour, strange scurrying noises were heard which woke us all up. When a match was lit, we saw hundreds of huge rats running along the rafters and streaming down the walls towards us. I sprang up, the idea of a disease infested rodent running over my body and biting me, enough to make my skin crawl. My boyfriend and I gathered up our belongings, beat a hasty retreat from the barn and went to sleep a good distance away out in the open veld on the cold, hard ground.

South African Short Stories – Story Four – Motorcycle Serendipity

A short while after this came a frenzied trumpeting of elephants and the crashing sounds amongst the bushes as they stomped around in fear of the predators close by while we, equally terrified, continued to cower in the uncertain safety of our tents. Not long after that came the most horrendous, guttural, gurgling sound of a hippopotamus disturbed in its nocturnal grazing by the drama of a lion kill that had happened so close to our camp.

South African Short Stories – Story Fourteen – Saved by a Cup

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