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Should You Feed Your Pet A Raw Dog Food

A lot of reviews had been made as to what type of foods to give your pets like dogs. There are actually two types of foods that you could give your beloved dogs. Here’s more information regarding stop by the web-page. One is a raw dog food and the other is commercial food. It is best that you equip yourself with the knowledge about how these foods are prepared and produced in order for you to decide which type is better. This article will present to you both the positive and negative sides of feeding your best friend uncooked foods.

Raw feeding means feeding your pets with uncooked foods. Raw menu are claimed to be more nutritious than the ones available commercially. It is considered helpful in eliminating bad odors in a carnivorous pets like your dogs and is believed to clean up their teeth.

Thousand years ago, the dog ancestors fed themselves with another carnivores. It is thus rational for some dog lovers nowadays to feed their pets with raw meats. This is a natural thing for dogs before to eat fresh meats. However, natural feeding cannot always be associated with better feeding. In fact there is a big tendency that your buddy will become more prone to sicknesses because of course there are a lot of bacteria present in a fresh meat.

When commercial dog foods are prepared, there is an application of an intense heat. This heat will destroy some of the proteins and other vitamins in the foods. What is usually done is to supplement these lost vitamins and minerals in order for this type of food to be considered healthy but this is not very promising.

One bad thing about commercial foods is that it contains more grains which is considered harmful to dogs. This has something to do with their digestive system which is not as advanced as that of humans. Again, dogs are carnivores. Their digestive system is designed to digest meats. Also, when grains are heated greatly, there is an alteration in its structure which will chemically produce harmful products.

Commercial foods also have the tendency to stay in the teeth of a carnivore which allows bacteria to propagate. This will result to dogs having bad breath and sore gums. The worst thing to happen is bacterial poisoning which could kill your pet.

One good thing for commercial foods is that there are food regulations and associations which they need to abide that will ensure the quality and safety of your pets. Raw feeding on the other hand does not have this kind of regulatory associations.

Dogs crush their foods, they do not chew them. Usually in raw feeding, the food is prepared whole so that your pet will joyfully crush and eat them. This is considered, however, not a good thing because there is a great possibility of dental fractures and consequently, obstructions in the intestines.

The best thing you could do is to consult you veterinary doctors every now and then. Have your pets checked as frequent as possible so that you could monitor if the foods they have eaten are well digested or not. It is still you who will choose what to feed your dogs. You now have the idea regarding the good and bad effects of giving your best buddy a raw dog food.