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5 Tips for Traveling on an Affordable Budget – VACATION or travelling to a place is one of the things that people yearn for. This is because by going on holiday, you can relieve fatigue and stress due to your daily routine. Unfortunately, many people still think that traveling costs a lot of money. Quoted from the social media of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf), budget is the most important thing to consider before going on holiday, but you can go on holiday on a cheap budget. Here are tips and tricks for cheap holidays in the style slot gacor of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

1. Travel Planning and Preparation

The first task for going on holiday on an affordable budget is to plan and prepare for the trip, never take an impromptu holiday because it can drain the money you have.

Make holiday plans in advance so that before going on holiday you can save or set aside pocket money. The duration of saving can be adjusted to the planned duration of the holiday. Saving can be done three months or six months before the departure date.

2. Avoid High Season or Holiday Season

If you want a holiday on a cheap budget, try to avoid the holiday season, you can travel in the low season. Because usually prices in tourist destinations will increase during the holiday season due to high demand.

Apart from that, if you travel during low season, there are often attractive promotions, for example at places to eat or accommodation. This condition is certainly very helpful for saving on expenses.

What is no less important when you travel in low season is that you can enjoy tourist destinations freely because there are not many tourists visiting.

3. Book accommodation and transportation tickets as soon as possible or well in advance

If you have decided where you want to go on holiday during the low season, book plane tickets and accommodation well in advance. This is done so that you don’t run out of tickets and get cheaper prices.

It is also recommended that you buy tickets through a trusted travel agent, both online and offline, usually they offer a number of holiday promotions and of course the prices offered can be cheaper than buying directly at the airline or at the hotel.

4. Prepare your basic personal needs before leaving

When you travel, try to prepare your basic personal needs before departure, so that you don’t miss anything or don’t miss anything. This is done to avoid spending more than what was planned at the start.

Because quite a few tourist attractions have high prices for necessities, rather than incurring additional costs, it is better to prepare your basic personal needs well before leaving.

5. Use your budget wisely

No less important for saving your holiday budget is how you must wisely use the available budget, aka not wasting money. Before buying something on holiday, think first whether it is really needed.

And for those of you who want to buy souvenirs for your family or relatives, try to pay close attention to don’t let the budget used deviate from the plans that have been made.